Little Bouncers

Since the launch of Little Ballers in 2007, Qatar's leading toddler sports programme, pre-school obesity has very much become a ‘hot’ issue and the time was ripe for a sports-orientated initiative like "Evo Mini’s" to really take root. 

Play not push – a positive, fun-filled pre-school sports programme executed in a friendly, pressure-free environment.

Guided by the likes of qualified coaches, teachers, child health specialists and pro-active parents, the “Evo Mini’s" toddler sports programme is an ever-evolving quest to teach fundamental techniques & elementary life skills in a vibrant, group play environment.

Invaluable social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork are conscientiously woven into a evolving programme that places as much emphasis on simple learning concepts like colours and numbers as it does on fine-tuning a child’s basic balance, agility and co-ordination.

Little Bouncers

Little Bouncers has been specially designed for 3-6 years olds of all abilities and focusses on providing basketball based fun and games in a non-competitive environment.

Classes are professionally designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, and self-confidence; ensuring maximum enjoyment while engaging our young learners in physical activity.

We currently offer three classes across three different age groups. Please see below for detailed descriptions of each class.

U4 thunder: 

This is a very fun and active class which uses a variety of games to engage toddlers in their early learning experience in athletic development. Along with basic to advanced motor skills, classroom and team skills such as taking turns, listening to a coach and following directions are stressed. *Parents are encouraged to participate where required.

U5 lakers:

While maintaining the fun atmosphere, these classes introduce new and exciting challenges to our young learners across the key technical component including shooting, dribbling, passing, catching, and jumping.

U6 spurs:

This class covers all of the above skills in a variety of engaging and challenging activities. Small-sided games are introduced at this level, as well as a slight element of fun competition.