Created in 2010, Evo foundation is the official outreach programme of Evolution Sports Qatar. Our mission is to bring together the Evo Family to create life changing opportunities for the community of Qatar and beyond.  

Being part of Evolution Sports is about wearing the club badge with honour and helping those around you to spread the club ethos and values to create a more positive and productive society for future generations. 

Building on the Club’s work in the community over the past 10 years, The Evo Foundation was formed in 2010 to harness the power and passion our coaches and members have to improve the lives of others.  

 We deliver a wide range of initiatives and activities that aim to make the biggest impact possible for children and young people both in Qatar and beyond. To ensure the Evo Foundation can make the greatest impact possible, in addition to our own programmes we work in partnership with a host of Local and International organisations to improve the life and health chances of children and young people in the communities we deliver in.  


The Evo Foundation is here to ensure everyone in the community is aware of and has access to sports – regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability or disability, faith, or age.


Evo 4 all is a football fundamentals programme ran by specialist coaches and is tailored to meet the needs of children who have additional and complex needs. 

Each session aims to increase self-confidence through developing basic football skills and motor-skills such as co-ordination, balance, and agility. Evo 4 All puts a strong emphasis on parental involvement to ensure that our young learners are supported in the best way possible to allow them to flourish in a positive, nurturing, and fun environment.


Already part of our soccer, netball, basketball programmes, and soon to be introduced for swimming, with the arrival of new facilities! We passionately believe in gender parity and we want to enable girls and women to develop their physics skills in a safe, fun and culturally aware environment. This program is about giving women opportunities that are appropriate to a wide range of individuals. Whatever your ambitions, we’re here to help you achieve them!  



We are committed to the Qatar community and providing opportunities to be involved in sport. Having worked within the community for many years, we have developed and refined a series of initiatives that encourage Qatari children to take part in sport and enjoy all the benefits that go with it. One of the ways we deliver the programme is through one of our school’s engagement initiatives called the ‘Evo Roadshow’ that provides free guest sports coaching sessions, festivals, and educational days tailored for individual school.



Evo Sports and our partner schools deliver a series of programmes across the Qatar schools community to provide educational opportunities for students, teachers, and volunteers. We ​promote sport and health throughout the academic year. 


Evo Sports and our partner schools deliver a series of programmes across the Qatar schools community to provide educational opportunities for students, teachers, and volunteers. We ​promote sport and health throughout the academic year. 


The Roadshow is run primarily at schools with a high percentage of Qatari National students. It’s available for any school with an interest in offering pupils new opportunities in sport. If your school is interested in providing CPD opportunities for teaching staff, the Evo Roadshow allows  staff to learn from our professional coaches. 


The Evo Roadshow brings the ‘Evo experience’ into schools. Pupils enjoy free sports coaching sessions including soccer, swimming, basketball, and netball, depending on the facilities available. Everything can be worked around the school’s timetable. The roadshow is great fun and every child receives a free taster session to our Evo development centre programme, opening the doors to ongoing involvement. 


The coaching sessions are held during the academic year and fit around the school’s timetable to ensure every student has the chance to enjoy the ‘Evo Experience’. 




Evo Sports and our partner schools deliver a series of programmes across the Qatar schools community to provide educational opportunities for students, teachers, and volunteers. We ​promote sport and health throughout the academic year. 


We’ve got some great after school clubs at our listed partner schools; Doha College, Park House, International School of London Qatar, DESS, SEK Doha, Compass International School’s Madinat Khalifa and Al Themaid and Ibra Girls School. Get in touch if you would like to discuss an after school club at your school! 


The Evo ECA clubs are programmes delivered in tandem with our partner schools. Not only do we offer our traditional sports; soccer, swimming, basketball, and netball, but we’ve now introduced athletics, judo and volleyball to the portfolio. 


Working with our partner schools, educational days are a great way to engage pupils and help motivate them to get involved with sport and to understand the benefits of exercise. Very often our sessions are held during assemblies or delivered in the classroom.

The days are always extremely well received and provide fresh opportunities to young people.  


Working hand-in-hand with Qatar’s schools’ sports partnerships, Evo provides free support and assistance in officiating and managing sports competitions. On behalf of our partners and sponsors we also deliver several annual schools’ sports competitions including the ‘Ooredoo Kids Cup’. These competitions are delivered as part of our partners CSR strategies maintaining a sporting legacy beyond the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. 



As part of our commitment to the Qatar Schools community we work with the following schools’ sports partnerships: 

Qatar Private Primary Schools Sport Association (QPPSSA), Qatar United English Speaking Schools (QUESS) and British International Schools of Qatar (BISQ).


Our clubs are tailored for students ranging from kindergarten to secondary school. Club membership is provided at a reduced cost for all age groups. 


Our employability initiatives develop skills, qualifications and pathways for young people. We provide opportunities for volunteering, work placements and accredited courses. The initiatives have been very successful, helping young people develop a vision for the future and progress  into higher education and employment.  



Our volunteering programme supports students who are looking to gain hours for their Duke of Edinburgh and International Awards. Every year we help over 50 students to achieve their awards.   

Experience for 13 to 19 year olds  Our volunteer programme provides invaluable work experience for young people aged between 13 to 19 years old, working with our highly experienced coaches. Work experience can be provided in any of our four core sports: soccer, swimming, basketball, or netball.  

Throughout the programme volunteers can be rewarded with certificates for achieving the following: 

- Bronze (10 hours) 
- Silver (30 Hours) 
- Gold (50 Hours) 
- Platinum (100 Hours) 
- Double Platinum (200 Hours) 



A worldwide education 

LLS is an educational company that now delivers the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport at Doha College. LLS has a network of students that study across the world in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. As part of the course, LLS enables students to build their network whilst obtaining valuable sports industry experience.  

Oportunities that can shape the future 

Our partnership with LLS allows us to provide sports coaching placements and work experience throughout the year. Every year LLS organise a Global Coaches Conference that brings students together with potential employers, who can offer a variety of placement/employment opportunities. Our work with LLS offers students a unique experience and opportunities to help shape their future. 



Every year we provide work experience for partner school students. The placements are usually for a week and are a great opportunity for young people to work with our coaching staff, gaining great insight into the models and techniques involved in high level of coaching. Many placement students go on to join us as volunteers for the remainder of the season, which is something we feel very proud of.  

We would like to thank our partner schools Sherborne, DBS, Compass and ISLQ who we have worked with over the last 4 years to develop such a worthwhile scheme. 



Work opportunities for older students 

Our holiday camps provide a great opportunity for older students aged 17 years + to get involved in our job placement scheme. Students work alongside our coaches as assistants or lead coaches (if qualified) to help deliver our holiday camp programmes. Students get to work with assigned groups and are very involved in the planning and delivery of sessions.  

Full summer placements 

Working with our global based partners LLS, Leeds Becketts University, Huddersfield New College and Westend Football club, we also offer full summer job placements (between 5 to 8 weeks) on our highly popular summer camps! It’s a great opportunity for qualified and talented students to further develop as sports professionals. 



Our projects & events  Our managers and coaches have been shaping and delivering high level projects and  events in Qatar and globally for over a decade. Thanks to our extensive experience and  the success of the projects, we work with an wide network of schools, governing  bodies, private corporations and events companies to promote sport and healthy living  within communities.  

Working with partners 

Over the years we have worked with a number of partners to help deliver initiatives  that benefit the Qatar Community. These partnerships have included: Supreme  Committee for Delivery and Legacy, QNB Stars League, Aspire, QFA, Qatar Women’s  Sports Committee, Shell, Oxy Petroleum, Dolphin Energy, QNB, Ooredoo and Sports Corner.  

Initiatives with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy   We were delighted to work with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, QNB  Stars League, to help deliver some the great projects below.  




The QCFL is a community football league founded in 2016 by the Supreme Committee  for Delivery and Legacy. Evolution Sports are proud to be the official delivery partner  since 2017. In the league’s first year there were 24 Men teams playing across two  divisions. It is now operating with 76 teams playing across four Adult Men’s divisions,  four Youth Boys and three Girls Divisions.




Set up in partnership with the QNB Stars League, the Junior Stars League has involved  over 2,000 young footballers from 7 to 16 years old. Every 3 weeks the JSL teams come  together across the Evolution Sports centers at Doha College, Parkhouse and ISLQ, and  choose a  favourite QNB Stars League team to represent. They get to play matches and  enjoy taking part in competition football. 



We enjoy organising sporting events and have enjoyed developing fresh ideas and  managing events from concepts to delivery throughout Qatar. We have worked with  a  number of corporate partners and sponsors including Shell, Oxy Petroleum, Dolphin  Energy, Ooredoo, Sports Corner, Commercial Bank and QNB.



Every year we support several of our partner schools to deliver events across Qatar.  We’re happy to sponsor a range of  events from sports days to PTA fairs, that help raise  important funding for the school!