We are excited to launch Evolution Fencing, powered by Clement Sport, education & performance team.

Our fencing school caters for everyone from 4 years old. Whether you're an accomplished fencer or fancy trying something new, we have classes to suit pretty much everyone. Enjoy this ancient sport, develop your technique, improve your fitness meet new friends.

Christophe Clement Said "As a former elite athlete, I have practiced the art of fencing & archery for over thirty years. This sport has forged my personality and character, it has made me what I am today."


FENCING Coaching Programmes



Mosquitos is our pre-school fencing programme for children aged four and a half to six and a half years old . It’s a fun way for children to build their confidence, develop in mind and body and make friends. Mosquitos is all about learning in a fun and pressure-free environment.



Our fencing school is open to fencers of all levels from 7 years old to adults. All classes are age-appropriate and designed to be engaging, challenging and, of course, enjoyable. 

As well as learning this skilful sport, it's a great chance to challenge yourself, enjoy high-level training and meet new friends. Fencers can evaluate their progress through a recognized certification program and take part in tournaments every trimester.

The groups are all of mixed ability to encourage faster learning and share techniques and tips.  Adult or teenager women may also choose to join our female classes.




Our competitive fencing is open to fencers from 13 years old to adults. The Competitive Fencing class looks to refine and develop technique through practice and training. Our goal is to develop technical, tactical, physical and mental performance skills. Our competitive fencing benefits from partnerships with the Federation and Aspire academy.

The Competitive Fencing class additional training each week, as well as priority, discounted access to book one-to-one lessons on a regular basis.



Our female classes are open to female fencers of all levels from 13 years old to adults. The training techniques are refined with a more technical bias and we use a more flexible blade. 

The pleasure of developing flexibility, elegance and intelligence are the foundations of our teaching. Fencers progress through a recognized certification program. This class is suitable for women and girls looking to develop their basic skills before joining Fencing School or just enjoy a less combative approach to the sport.


Payment can be made online via the member's area of the website.


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