Little Ballers is a pre-school sports programme which uses football as the fuel to ignite a lifelong love of sport within your children, helping them find their confidence and develop socially.


Little Ballers is all about fun, football and friendship and is taught in a lively, yet pressure-free environment. It’s an approach which promotes the growth of well-rounded children.

Run by FA Qualified coaches the Little Ballers curriculum is built around group play. This format supports cognitive and social development, while we also place a large emphasis on developing motor skills. Our coaches will teach your children the fundamentals of football alongside the joys of sport.

We split our programme into four age appropriate classes, which are tailored to the specific needs of each group. As a result, children can enjoy playing with peers, learning at their own pace, and maximize their development.


Coaching Programmes



Learning fundamental football techniques is only part of the Little Ballers programme. What is equally important is creating an environment where children can learn important social skills like listening, sharing and teamwork.

We understand that every child is different, and individuality is something we embrace. Children learn from us and we learn from each of them. This approach underpins the success of Little Ballers to date and allows us to constantly evolve how we teach in order to cater for every child’s needs.


We know children enjoy playing sport the most when they’re having a ball. By thinking ‘fun first, football follows,’ children are allowed the time and space to work on their skills without any added pressure. The skills that children learn on our courses are a consequence of both a high level of coaching and a learning environment where they are at ease, promoting self-development and inquisitive individuals.

We know football can be educational. The ‘fun first’ approach promotes the development of social skills and of course helps children to smile their way through their football journey.



In our experience, children feel better about themselves and develop their skills faster when they are playing with other children of a similar age and ability. That’s why the Little Ballers programme divides players into four distinct age groups; Baby Ballers, Awesome Ballers, Super Ballers and Ultimate Ballers. This approach allows each child the best opportunity to fulfil their development potential under the keen attention of our FA Qualified coaches.

This multi-faceted approach allows every child to maximize their involvement and development potential and creates a staggered learning environment where all children are challenged appropriately but remain firmly within their comfort zone.




Baby Ballers provides the perfect introduction for children to world of Little Ballers. Like the rest of the programme, it is group teaching in a structured play-oriented format. As well as learning the basics of the beautiful game including dribbling, striking and goal scoring; they’ll begin to grow their cognitive skills and improve their group play, with ours and your assistance.

Get involved!

Designed with the children’s confidence, enjoyment and self-esteem in mind, Baby Baller classes allow parents to play an active role too. Your child’s first goal, first win and first game all grow from these sessions. We promise it’s an even more joyous feeling than scoring yourself! 



Our Awesome Ballers classes build on the skills learnt in Baby Ballers. Children who graduated from Baby Ballers may now be confident enough to participate without the assistance of a parent however it is recommended that newcomers to the programme keep their parents close-by.

Standing on their own two feet

A great starting point for complete beginners or budding pros, Awesome Ballers is designed to empower children to begin using their new-found confidence and skills on their own. Like the rest of the programme, this class is built around learning through play with children being challenged both physically and mentally and working to their own ability.



Our Super Ballers are characterised by their high-energy and even higher enthusiasm. When children progress to the under-five age group, sessions are still focused on fun, but there is an increased emphasis on catering to the children’s increased confidence levels and desire to push and explore their football skills. 

Team players 

With increased age comes an increased awareness of the importance of team play. Here our Super Ballers who have passed through the younger classes will benefit from the previous socialisation focus. With our high-quality coaches however, even new starters will pick things up quickly. Our Super Ballers play matches for the first time, allowing them to test their skills in a real game setting.



The final step on the Little Baller journey is the Ultimate Ballers. This is where children learn how to play the Evo way! This class is the final piece of the puzzle, bringing together all the skills learnt and executing them in real football matches.

The right way to play

It wouldn’t be Little Ballers if we weren’t helping the group focus on their social skills and cognitive development. The Ultimate Ballers group is no different, with a real emphasis being placed on the mental side of the game during sessions, in addition to honing their footballing skills.

With each session ending in a real football game, we focus on teaching children fair play and good sporting values, as well as establishing an understanding of the rules of play.


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