Dillon Laubscher shares on his journey from player to coach at Evolution Sports Qatar. 

At Evolution Sports, we pride ourselves on developing the person before the player. This is our motto!

So, it gives us great pleasure when our players achieve some of the goals they set for themselves. Dillon Laubscher is one such player who has developed more as a person over his years at Evolution Sports Qatar.

Dillon's journey begins ten years ago when his family relocated to Qatar. Having been a student at Doha College and playing soccer for the school team; he was approached by David Wallace (Director of Soccer and Assistant Manager of Evolution Sports Qatar) to consider joining Evo.

Having been such an exceptional player, Dillon was put in the Academy team, where he rose through the ranks as Under 14's & Under 16's captain and eventually Youth Team Captain over the years.


Our coaches aim to provide an inspiring and challenging learning environment, which develops confidence, creativity, and intellect to enable every player to reach their full potential. That is what Coach David was and continues to be to Dillon.

Dillon speaking fondly of Coach David, said: "Ducky was my coach for most of that time; he and the team taught me many life lessons that I will carry with me forever. Ducky and the Evo family has had a huge influence on decisions and choices I have made thus far in my life".

When Dillon was presented with the opportunity to help coach, he was overcome with joy and accepted the chance to gain invaluable experience and use it as an opportunity to give back to a club that gave so much to him over the years.

The long-awaited moment finally came on Sunday, 21 March 2021, when Dillon put on the famous blue Evo t-shirt to join the Little Ballers team. "Pulling on the blue shirt was truly a special moment which I will cherish. Watching the little ballers run around having the time of their lives, enjoying the sport I love so much, makes the experience even more rewarding", Dillon shared.

Dillon also thanked the club, saying: "I will always be grateful for the opportunities provided and being part of the Evo family".


Dillon will leave for the University of Loughborough (UK) this summer, which is a huge achievement. 

We are very proud of what Dillon has achieved during his time at Evolution Sports.  He is a true example of what Evolution Sports represents, from our core values (professionalism, respect, friendship, inclusion, pride, integrity and excellence) and developing the person before the player. 

He is a role model every single Evo Sports member can look up to.  All the best, Dillon!