Great news for all our members at Evolution Sports; in partnership with Doha College, Superheroes Eats Plants come to Evo!  


Superheroes Eat Plants makes scrummy plant-based Grab ‘n’ Go meals that are both healthy and sustainable making them climate, wildlife and animal-friendly. 

Made primarily of whole foods the company aim predominately at busy parents and families but Qatar peeps of all sizes and ages love their comfort meals.

Founded by earth, health and animal loving plant-based certified Mother of two happy herbivores, Rebekah Gomez, The Superheroes mission is to: “Changing the Way the World Thinks, Eats and Lives in One Generation” 


Superheroes does this by: 

- Offering delicious sandwiches and snacks from its mobile event kiosk 

- Supplying lunches throughout Doha to the general public through its Meatless Monday initiative 

- Speaking at schools, predominately on the topics of sustainability and health 

- Working with restaurants and supermarkets to offer a greater range of plant-based and vegan offerings 

- Using social media platforms to educate and raise environmental, health, wildlife and animal welfare awareness. 


The Superheroes Eat Plants food counter will be located next to the 3G pitch, adjacent to Doha College music block. More information attached in the PDF's below. 

Superheroes Eat Plants will be supporting our Little Ballers Super Hero Festival this weekend and will be open this weekend on Friday 28th between 8am-11am & Saturday 29th 8am - 5:30pm.