Coach Dale establishes brand new swim academy in South Africa...

Over the years, swim coaches have left Evo and moved on to new things. We like to stay in touch with them all and keep up to date on how they are getting on. Perhaps, one we are most proud of and excited for is Coach Dale. 
Dale spent two years with us at Evo swimming, firstly coaching the competitive swimmers before finding his passion in the water with our young Water Confidence and Little Splashers swimmers. I’m sure all of you who were lucky enough to be coached by Dale agree that his enthusiasm and patient nature with such young swimmers gave them the confidence to thrive and realise their potential in the pool. 
So where is Coach Dale? 
Dale along with his wife Taryn, decided to move back home to South Africa at the end of last season with a dream of setting up their own swim school, aptly named ‘Little Splashers’. 
We have kept in touch with them both and are delighted to see that Little Splashers is now home to many young swimmers all under the guidance of Dale & Taryn. 
A very well done to both and we wish them all the success in the future. Any young swimmers enrolled in Little Splashers are in very safe hands and can be sure of seeing some fantastic progress. 
Keep up the good work!