Swimming Curriculum

Evolution Swimming has developed a unique curriculum aimed at ensuring swimming lessons for all ages and abilities are delivered to a high and consistent standard.

The all-inclusive programme takes swimmers on a journey through several clearly defined developmental stages.

These start with the basics of learning to swim and end with advanced skills in the form of our Competitive Squads. There is also a Framework for teaching adults to swim.

In order for our learners to be able to swim they must have the confidence in themselves to do so. During these first two levels of our program your child's comfortability and familiarity with the water will be nurtured. The focus of the sessions is based around both confidence and ensuring that each swimmer can achieve correct cod position in order for them to begin learning the stroke movements. 
Swimmers in this level will be capable of limited independent movement in the water. The session focus will be on introducing the swimmer to the movements of all four major strokes along with other essential swim skills. 
Swimmers can expect closer attention paid to stroke technique from their coach. An emphasis here is placed heavily on ensuring that correct technique is learnt across all the strokes in order to provide the platform for continued progression through the stages. 
Swimmers will have a reasonable level of technique across all the strokes which enables the distance swam in the session to increase. Still paying close attention to technique, swimmers by this stage in their development will look more at home in the water. 
Once more, distance swam per session will increase as will the length of the session. Time spent in the water will increase to 45 minutes. The increase in session length naturally allows the distance swam per session to increase allowing swimmers to remain focused on developing their stroke. It is expected that all swimmers in this level are able to demonstrate a good level of technique across all of the strokes. 
LEVEL 5  One step away from competitive squads. Here, swimmers can expect to be introduced to a focus on their speed in addition to the technique and distance work they have completed in previous levels. Opportunities to attend development swim meets will also be aplenty. 
Swimmers in these groups will have their training tailored around the local competitive swim meets and will be expected to represent Evo Swimming. At this level, the number of weekly sessions will increase in frequency and are larger commitment to swimming will be required.