Evo Swimming - Stretching and stretching correctly

The importance of stretching has been well debated over the years. Some believe it’s not paramount in swimming, whilst others disagree completely. 

In this article, we will inform you the real significance of stretching and more importantly, doing it correctly.

Prior to any stretching routine, it is important to understand the proper and correct technique in order to prevent injury. If stretching is done incorrectly, it could do more damage than good! Therefore, ensure whenever you’re stretching, it is done appropriately and with the right technique. If you aren’t overly confident on conducting your own stretching, be sure to speak to your coach who will always make time to support and help improve your knowledge.

There are various benefits to stretching, some of these include; injury prevention, reduced muscle soreness, flushing of toxins (i.e. lactic acid) and improved flexibility and posture. Some have even argued that it also has a psychological boost for athletes, such as an improved state of mind, release of tension and an increase in energy.

While stretching, it is vital to focus on the muscles that are particularly tight and/or sore. Reason being, that due to the blood flow in the body during stretching, the tension in the muscles will be reduced.

Once you have correctly stretched those muscles, you can then work your way towards the other muscles in your body; neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, pelvis, hips and legs. Stretching on a regular basis will have major benefits for your body and mind and will ultimately increase your performance in the pool, across all sports and every day activities.