Swimming Code of Conduct

Evolution Swimming Code of Conduct

  • An Evo Swimmer never enters the water until instructed to do so by their coach. Upon completion of the lesson, swimmers always exit the pool.

  • Outside of the lesson time, parents are always responsible for thier child.

  • Our coaches love chatting about the development of all swimmers, but please be midful that they cannot always do so during lesson times. A time can always be arranged to discuss any worries or concerns that you may have.

  • Evo swimmers always arrive on time and ready to start their lesson at the allotted time.

  • A late swimmer always notifies their coach of their arrival.

  • Parents always sit away from the pool deck whilst their children are having lessons.

  • The pool deck is never used as a playground. If obseving lessons, children should remain close to their parents at all times and well away from the edge of the pool.

  • Evo swimmers always wear correct and suitable swimwear.

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