Coaching Programmes


At this age we aim to teach players the basic skills of netball. This includes special awareness, correct passing technique, correct shooting technique, attacking and defending skills, correct footwork and much more. A large emphasis is put on developing fundamental motor skills such as balance, agility and co-ordination. The focus of this age group is to ensure players are familiar with the rules and prepare them to progress further in a friendly pressure free environment. The importance of team spirit in netball is imperative, thus we try to instill the values of sportsmanship and team-work early in this age group.


Once our players reach the U14 and U17 age groups they build on the technical foundations learned at U10 and U12. Players are also introduced to more tactical game play with the emphasis on Physical, Positional and Team Performance. At this level it is not just match play, but a chance for players to learn key tactical skills and push themselves against team mates to see how their training translates into match success.  Our goal is to develop complete players who understand team formations and strategies, with practice always at game intensity. At this level players are understanding their positional roles and training the ability to execute them excellently on court. 


Our ladies program was introduced to meet the training needs of ladies currently participating in the Doha Netball League. With 26 teams taking part in weekly match play, many of the ladies requested for a program to be developed in order for them to develop both their game knowledge, tactical skills and technical skills. With a range of abilities, whether you are an experienced netball player or new to the game the program is tailored to cater to your needs. We aim to bring together netballers of all ages and grow the netball community in Qatar, promoting a healthy lifestyle and love of the game.