Coaching Programmes



Evolution Netball has a clear ‘Player Pathway’ which takes a common sense and player-centered approach to developing the netball potential in our young learners. The player pathway is progressive, coherent and challenging and will allow our players to reach their potential. 

Evo Netball - Foundation Phase
We believe the foundation phase (U10 - U12) is a fundamental stage in the Player Performance Clock and this is where we can nurture players to prepare them for the bigger and more complex game as they get older. We use this phase to instill the foundation knowledge and skills of the game to all players. 
Evo Netball - Youth Development Phase
We believe the youth development phase (U14 - U17) is the core stage in the Player Performance Clock and this is where we can further nurture players to prepare them for the competitive element of the game. Therefore, we believe youth development players need to further develop their mix of Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social attributes.
Evo Netball Academy
The goal of Evolution Netball 'Academy' is to support the development of talented young players into top netballers who are ready for a high performance environment. At the Academy, the training of top netball players in all aspects of the game, on and off the court, takes centre stage.
Ladies Training
Whether you’re a retired internationalist, a long time spectator or somewhere in between, if you love netball then Evo Ladies Training is the place for you. Join us for high-quality netball training each week where you will learn some new skills and techniques.