Evo Netball Academy

The goal of Evolution Netball 'Academy' is to support the development of talented young players into top netballers who are ready for a high performance environment. At the Academy, the training of top netball players in all aspects of the game, on and off the court, takes centre stage.


The Academy is made up of talented young players, who are carefully selected from our Core Netball programmes. At Evolution Netball, all of our Academy teams are trained in exactly the same way, therefore players become accustomed to the clubs' style of play and progression along the pathway is much smoother.

Central to the Academy philosophy is the style of play, training, behaviour and house rules. Evolution Netball strives to keep the way of playing netball clinical, accurate, efficient and identifiable. As well as this Evolution Netball strives to instill core values and behaviours within the players which include respect, accountability, punctuality, inquisitivness and passion.

For each player we look to develop and enhance their innate talents and skills while developing and nurturing their social repertoire. At this stage players have entered the “Training to Win” phase.

The Main aspects of the Netball Academy are:

·       3 training sessions per week, with UKCC licensed coaches

·       Access to weekly competitive matches

·       High level of skill, emphasis on technique and tactical training

·       Speed training and fitness program

·       Teams compete in events and competitions locally and overseas

·       Player and team evaluation reports

·       Emphasis on development, not just winning

·       Code of conduct for parents and players

·       Position specific training and guidance