Development Camps

Evolution Sports is committed to providing player development opportunites to all players, including both members and non-members of our club, within all local communities.  Our programs are directly influenced by the curriculums on offer within our regular development programmes and promote all of the Evo Core Values. Evolution Sports continues to have access to current methodologies through our extensive partnerships with some of the world’s leading sports bodies.  Our Player Development Camps & Clinics allow us to share these assets with the players, allowing us to improve and assist with the development of as many players as possible.

The Evolution Sports Player Development Camps & Clinics focus on all aspects of each sport, including ball mastery, speed of play, coordination, balance, and movement both with and without the ball.  The objective of these programs is to replicate the environment of professional club and academy programmes, and to provide some of the coaching and information that are afforded to our Academy team players.

Evolution Sports Camps & Clinics staff conduct specialized training sessions to teach the fundamentals of the game, with an emphasis on a repetitive learning process.  Individual skill development is the main focus of each program, while also using game based scenarios and clinical demonstration from our current Academy  players to enhance these sessions and enforce proper technique at a mastery level!