Coaching Programmes

THE swimming PATHWAY

Evolution Swimming has a clear ‘Pathway’ which takes a common sense and athlete-centered approach to developing the swimming potential in our young learners. The swimming pathway is progressive, coherent and challenging and will allow our athletes to reach their potential.

Little Splashers
Our Little Splashers programme gives your child a positive introduction to swimming by familiarising them with the water and the basics of swimming in a fun and friendly atmosphere. This parent-accompanied session offers the chance for some invaluable time for parents to aid the very first stages of their child’s swimming development under the careful guidance of our qualified coaching team.  
Learn To Swim
Our Learn to Swim programme is open to everyone from the age of 3 years and over. All swimmers who attend the program are assessed through the club’s curriculum criteria and placed in appropriate ability groups alongside swimmers of a similar level to themselves. All groups train twice a week at one of our centres and follow a carefully designed technical programme, which is the result of extensive research from our highly qualified coaching team.  
Swim Squads (Competitive)
The Evolution Swim Squads are designed to offer the provision and experience of competitive swimming. Swimmers will be recommended by their child's coach once they have achieved all outcomes of the Learn to Swim curriculum. With the opportunity to train up to three times weekly and compete in local competitions, swimmers will gain a fantastic insight into competitive swimming as well as being provided the opportunity to fulfil their own potential. Swimmers will work on developing specific areas of their strokes from a detailed development plan and given the psychological support needed to help them reach the next level.  
Adult Swimming - Learn To Swim
Our Adult Learn to Swim programme aims to promote the development of swimming in those adults who may have not had the opportunity to do so in their younger years or who may have forgotten some of the skills they once had. Understanding the fears and apprehension that often acts as a barrier to adults learning to swim, our program is tailored to take these barriers away through the medium of low group capacities and patient teaching and learning.  
Adult Swimming - Social Swim
Our Social Swimming sessions are a fantastic opportunity for adults to come along and swim in a non - structured environment. Opening our swimming pool for recreational use, we aim to improve the provision of swimming in Qatar. For those who would like them, workouts from our coaching team can be provided or you can simply come along and swim at your own leisure. For those who attend, our coaching team will be on hand to provide some useful tips that can help to make for more efficient swimming.