Coaching Programmes

Little Bouncers

These parent and child friendly sessions are designed to be a fun, enjoyable and educational experience but focus heavily on early learning movement and coordination habits. Throughout all sessions we lean on the importance of skills such as listening, following instructions and working well with other children. Many of the skills we work on each week can be transfused into a range of other sports such as balance, coordination and strength. Parents are allowed and in some cases encouraged to join in with these sessions which allows them to support their child's development and overall understanding.

Open Development

The Open Development  groups at Evo are a great option for beginners as well as players aged 7+ who are looking to improve their overall basketball ability, understanding and fitness levels. These sessions are designed to remain fun while teaching discipline and focusing on key skills such as passing, shooting, ball handling, defense, team work and much more. Any player in the Open Development groups will train twice a week and our coaches will continuously identify the importance of a systematic and consistent approach to the development of athletes. We also recognize the importance of participation in securing the health of all our young learners. Participants will receive the appropriate training that will produce well rounded people and maintain a lifelong passion for the sport. 

Skills Testing 

At least once a term players will take part in monitored skills testing to enable them to monitor their own progress and identify areas of their skill set they need to improve.


Members taking part in our Open Development sessions will also be offered the opportunity to participate in Inter-Evo tournaments as well as friendly games against local schools and sports academies.

Player Pathway

During their time in our Open Development groups players will be continually assessed by our coaches, and if the time comes that a player is ready to be pushed further then they may be offered the chance to train with the Academy teams.


These sessions are for basketball players who are interested in pushing themselves onto the next level. The sessions are designed to challenge a player’s fundamental shooting, passing and ball handling skills as well as improve team work and leadership. 

Academy sessions will still have an element of fun, however this will mainly come from competitive situations and the challenge to constantly improve and work hard. These groups will be entered into competitive fixtures against other teams throughout the course of each term where they will learn about in game situations and tactics.

Becoming an Academy Player

Anyone entered into an Academy team will have been specifically selected by one of our coaches. We follow a selection process for these groups in accordance with the Evolution Sports Four Corner Model. The four aspects that we look at are Technical, Psychological, Physical and Social.

Third Session

The all new Evo Basketball Academy third sessions have been introduced with the intention of providing more contact time with the coaches and more time on the court with a basketball.

Consistent Competitive Opportunities

The vision for our Academy teams is to be able to offer consistent fixtures throughout the season. We believe that taking part in competitive situations plays a huge part in the development of a young athlete therefore we are constantly looking for our next opponent. These games will usually take place during the regular training session times. However, if they don’t the coach will be responsible for selecting a team of ten or twelve players to attend the fixture. We always maintain that the focus for these games is purely on development of our players and not a win at all costs mentality.